Virgin Cold Pressed Pumpkinseed Oil, 100ml

Virgin Cold Pressed Pumpkinseed Oil, 100ml

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  • Pure cold pressed Pumpkinseed Oil ensures that all the nutrients and the rich flavour of Pumpkinseed is retained.
  • Better and Healthier substitute for refined Pumpkinseed oil as no chemicals, preservatives and heat are used.
  • It is ideal for eating and applying on hair and skin
  • Rich in Vitamin E and antioxidant helps against premature ageing and assists the skin to lighten and be wrinkle free.

Benefits of Pumpkin Seed Oil

  1. Promotes Urinary Functions: Pumpkin seed oil can help improve urinary flow of men with people prostate issues and may even help with prostate cancer.
  1. Great for Heart Health: Pumpkinseed oil is a form of unsaturated fat which helps lower LDL cholesterol which may also improve the overall health of your heart.
  1. Boost Mental Health: Pumpkinseed oil is the only oil that may have mood stimulating properties and is known to help people with depression.
  1. Helps in Pain Management: Pumpkin seed oil has anti-inflammatory properties which helps in pain management. 
  1. Great for Hair: Pumpkin oil being extremely rich in nutrients and antioxidants, helps in maintaining hair thickness, moisturizes scalp and is great for collagen production.
  1. Excellent for Skin: Pumpkin oil is great for lifting skin that is dry, mature, and damaged and moisturizes it with a subtle glow. The antioxidants in the oil reduce the wrinkles and other signs of ageing.

How to Use Pumpkin Seed Oil

  • Eat/Drink: Pumpkinseed oil can be directly consumed or be added to shakes, smoothies and salads.
  • Direct Application: Pumpkin oil can be directly applied on the hair or skin to take the benefits of it. 
  • Mix with other oils: Pumpkin Seed oil can be mixed with other oils to take advantage of this oil along with other oils like coconut oil.