Wood Pressed Mustard Oil Combo Pack, 2 x 1L Each
Wood Pressed Mustard Oil Combo Pack, 2 x 1L Each
Wood Pressed Mustard Oil Combo Pack, 2 x 1L Each
Wood Pressed Mustard Oil Combo Pack, 2 x 1L Each
Wood Pressed Mustard Oil Combo Pack, 2 x 1L Each

Wood Pressed Mustard Oil Combo Pack, 2 x 1L Each

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  • Our oil is 100% pure, cold pressed, chemical-free, preservative-free and healthy
  • We use the best quality mustard seeds procured from highly ethical farmers in small batches, and each lot is physically verified for the quality.
  • We extract mustard oil in Kachi Ghani’s by wood pressing the seeds, this method ensures that all the nutrients and the rich flavour of mustard is retained since the Ghani moves at a very slow speed of 4-7 rounds a minute and therefore almost no heat is generated at any point.
  • Contains anti-bacterial & antioxidant properties
  • Better and healthier substitute for refined mustard oil as no chemicals and preservatives are used. 

Mustard Oil for Cooking

Mustard is one of the most common ingredient in the Indian cuisine, especially known for its strong flavour, pungent aroma and high smoke point. This oil can be used in all sorts of cooking ranging from stir-frying to deep frying, being rich in Monounsaturated fats, it helps improve the heart health and therefore reduce the likelihood of developing a cardiovascular disease

How to Use Mustard Oil for Cooking?

  • Best used for sautéing and stir-frying Indian dishes
  • Can be used for Deep-frying
  • Can be used for making pickles
  • U se for marinating paneer, fish, chicken etc.

Mustard Oil for Hair

Natural Conditioner: Rich in fatty acids, which helps in keeping the moisture of your hair as a natural conditioner when applied on a regular basis would make your hair silky and smooth.

Promotes Hair Growth: Regular hair massage using mustard oil will increase the blood flow in your scalp and thus promote hair growth.

Prevents Dandruff: Mustard oil contains anti-dandruff and anti-fungal properties which help in keeping your hair flake-free.

How to Use Mustard Oil for Hair?

Direct Massage: Apply the oil to your hair and the roots and let it rest for 30 minutes. Rinse your hair with shampoo and warm water.

Mix with other Oils: Mustard oil can be mixed with other oils like coconut for repairing damage on the hair & neem to reap more benefits.

Ayurvedic Uses of Mustard Oil

Treating Wounds: The antifungal, anti-parasitic, antibacterial, disinfecting antimicrobial properties of the oil help in treating the wound and prevents it from getting septic when applied to it.

Hair & Body Massage: Warm a small amount and apply the oil and gently massage it into your hair and body. Let it absorb 30-45 minutes and let the oil remove oil impurities and finally a warm shower.

Treating Respiratory Problems: Massaging mustard oil on the chest followed by a steam can help in loosening mucous deposits and removing phlegm from lungs for trouble free breathing.

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