Cold Pressed Aliv Oil, 100ml

Cold Pressed Aliv Oil, 100ml

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  • Vasara Cold Pressed Aliv / Halim / Garden Cress Seed oil is 100 percent pure, healthy, and cold-pressed oil which ensure that all the nutrients are retained.
  • Aliv oil is the best way naturally to nourish hair, encourage growth and strengthen them.
  • Aliv oil is best used by people with low iron, haemoglobin or calcium levels


Helps With Asthma: Symptoms of Asthma can be lowered as the active compound in the seed helps in improving the lung function.

Improves Iron / Haemoglobin Levels: Consuming Aliv oil on a regular basis may help in improving the Iron level in the body which inturn improves the haemoglobin level in the body

Improves Gut Health: Aliv oil has laxative properties and may help people relieve with constipation and may even improve bowel movement and the overall gut health.

Boost Memory: Aliv is oil is rich in a number of essential fats like linolenic acids and arachidonic fatty acids which work as booster for memory.

Helps in Weight Loss: Due to the abundance of Flavonoids in the seed, aliv oil may help body shed extra fat faster. 

Great For Lactating Women: Aliv oil is great for lactating women since it is enriched with high amounts of protein, iron and also portray great galactagogue properties.

Good For Hair: Aliv oil may grow hair even in bald patches, and can help in improving the overall quality of the hair.


5ml Aliv oil can be consumed with 20ml of fat like milk to extract the maximum benefit out of it.

*This is just a recommended dose, please consult your doctor if you are not sure about usage.

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