Cold Pressed Blackseed Kalonji Oil, 100ml

Cold Pressed Blackseed Kalonji Oil, 100ml

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100% pure virgin cold pressed Kalonji (Blackseed) oil loaded with vital nutrients and vitamins which works great for hair and skin.  It is also know for its powerful curing and healing aspects.

Benefits of Cold Pressed Kalonji Oil

  • Naturally rich in bioactive compounds maintains skin glow and radiance.
  • It promotes weight loss, when consumed with warm water helps in shedding fat.
  • Cold pressed blackseed oil have essential fatty acids enhance brain functions.
  • A natural pain killer and improves immune system.
  • Promotes hair growth, moisturizes dry hair, prevents premature greying, improves scalp health.
  • Cold pressed blackseed oil is know as miracle oil as it helps in reducing RA symptoms, improves blood-sugar and cholesterol levels, assists in asthma control and many more ailments.

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