Cold Pressed Blackseed Kalonji Oil, 200ml
Cold Pressed Blackseed Kalonji Oil, 200ml
Cold Pressed Blackseed Kalonji Oil, 200ml
Cold Pressed Blackseed Kalonji Oil, 200ml
Cold Pressed Blackseed Kalonji Oil, 200ml

Cold Pressed Blackseed Kalonji Oil, 200ml

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100% pure virgin cold pressed Kalonji (Blackseed) oil loaded with vital nutrients and vitamins which works great for hair and skin.  It is also know for its powerful curing and healing aspects.

  • Naturally rich in bioactive compounds maintains skin glow and radiance.
  • It promotes weight loss, when consumed with warm water helps in shedding fat.
  • Cold pressed blackseed oil have essential fatty acids enhance brain functions.
  • A natural pain killer and improves immune system.
  • Promotes hair growth, moisturizes dry hair, prevents premature greying, improves scalp health.
  • Cold pressed blackseed oil is known as miracle oil as it helps in reducing RA symptoms, improves blood-sugar and cholesterol levels, assists in asthma control and many more ailments.


MOISTURIZE SKIN: Kalonji oil is full of antioxidants and can work as a daily moisturizer and help your skin look healthy, youthful and glowing.

REDUCE WRINKLES AND FINE LINES: Kalonji oil being rich in antioxidants, may help fight free radicals that come up due to oxidative stress. Also, Kalonji oil may even improve the elasticity of the skin making you look younger and have a clear skin.

REDUCE INFLAMMATION: Kalonji Oil is known to reduce inflammation, it contains Thymoquinone, which helps reduce inflammation in various body parts when massaged.

  • Kalonji oil can be applied directly
  • Oils like coconut, jojoba, black sesame and almond can be used to be mixed with Kalonji Oil before applying. After mixing and warming the oil a bit, the mixture is to be applied to the face before bed after a facewash. The oil can be left overnight or wiped off within 5 minutes.


IMPROVE HAIR GROWTH/VOLUME: the active compound, Thymoquinone found in kalonji oil contains proteins, that effectively provide support in the growth and increase the volume of hair.

REDUCE DANDRUFF: Kalonji oil has antibacterial, antiviral, anti-inflammatory and wound healing properties, which helps in fighting dandruff and moisturizing the dry scalp.

CONDITIONS YOUR HAIR: Kalonji oil contains amino acid, which helps in sealing the moisture in your scalp and lets it stay healthy as well as properly conditioned. 

For Hair-Fall

  1. Take some Kalonji oil in your palm and massage it on your hair from the root to the tip.
  2. Leave the oil in for at least 20 minutes. You could also leave it on overnight.
  3. Shampoo multiple times to get rid of the oil. You may also condition your hair with a commercial conditioner 30 minutes before you take a shower.

For Re-Growth

  1. Mix the oils in a 1:1 ratio and slightly warm it followed by a massage of the mixture into your scalp, from the root to the tip.
  2. Keep the mixture on for about 45 minutes. You could also leave it on overnight.
  3. Shampoo your hair and wash the oil mixture off.


HELPS TREAT RHEUMATOID ARTHRITIS: Blackseed / Kalonji Oil helps ease the pain caused by Rheumatoid Arthritis by increasing the lubrication between joints. Regular use of blackseed kalonji oil may also decrease inflammatory markers in the blood, therefore healing swollen joints.

MAY IMPROVE VISION: Kalonji oil being a powerhouse of vitamins, can instantly cure a lot of eye problems like eye redness and continuous watering, it can also aid in improving the vision and may even prevent cataract. For eye-related problems, kalonji oil can be consumed with carrot juice.

HELPS FIGHT ALLERGIC NOSE PROBLEMS: If a person suffers from allergies that cause cold and congestion the chest, kalonji oil can help ease it and prevent runny nose and sneezing by rubbing lukewarm oil in the chest.

CAN HELP RELIEVE ASTHMA: This oil may work wonders for those suffering from Asthma. A regular consumption of this oil may improve the symptoms of asthma and can even prevent asthmatic attacks.

GOOD FOR HEART: Bad Cholesterol also known as LDL is a huge factor behind the cardiac disease, Kalonji oil may significantly bring down the levels of LDL and can even raise HDL/Good Cholesterol.

HELPS HEAL STOMACH ULCERS: Stomach ulcers are very painful, Kalonji oil may not only reduce stomach ulcers, but also protect the stomach lining from ill-effects of alcohol and promote digestion.

HELPS BOOST MEMORY: Kalonji oil is known to boost memory power as per Ayurveda, it is also known to prevent neurological disorders like Alzheimer and Dementia. For this purpose, Kalonji Oil is best to be used by adding half teaspoon of the oil to boiled mint leaves in water.

HELPS TREAT CRACKED HEELS: Kalonji oil can be used to treat cracked heels and soften the skin by directly applying it to the affected area, or applying a mix of the oil and lemon juice to the sole.

  • A few drops can be consumed directly
  • Can be mixed with Tea or Added to food or juices

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