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cold pressed coconut oil
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Cold Pressed Coconut Oil (Wood Pressed) 500 ML

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  • 100% pure cold-pressed coconut oil, chemical-free, and preservative-free.
  • Made from best quality coconut copras procured from highly ethical farmers.
  • Prepared in small batches at very low-temperatures.
  • Cold pressing ensures all the nutrients and the rich flavor of coconut is retained.
  • Contains anti-bacterial, anti-viral & anti-inflammatory properties.
  • A healthier substitute for butter.

What makes our cold pressed coconut oil different?

We extract coconut oil in Kachi Ghani’s by wood pressing the seeds, this method ensures that all the nutrients and the rich flavour of coconut is retained since the Ghani moves at a very slow speed of 4-7 rounds a minute and therefore almost no heat is generated at any point.

Benefits of cold pressed coconut oil

  • Highly nutritious oil when added to regular diet.
  • Improves good cholesterol, stabilizes sugar levels and may boost immunity.
  • Can be used to condition and soften hair and skin.
  • Works as moisturizer for the body and if used regularly.
  • When used on the hair it works as an effective conditioner.
  • Ideal for treating dry sensitive skin and damaged hair.
  • Highly recommended for baby massage.

Cold pressed coconut oil for cooking

cold pressed coconut oil for cooking

Coconut oil has been used for ages as a cooking oil in the southern parts of India, it gives the perfect flavor not only to the South Indian cuisine but is now used all over the world in other cuisines as well.

When consumed orally, coconut oil improves the level of lipids in the blood which in turn reduces the risk of heart disease. Being rich in saturated fat lauric acid which makes the oil highly resistant to heat can be used for deep frying.

How to use cold pressed coconut oil for cooking?

  • Can be used for all sorts of cooking including stir frying and deep-frying due to its high smoke point.
  • Used for cooking all sorts of cuisines including South Indian and many Asian cuisines like Thai and Malaysian food.
  • Used as a taste enhancer by adding it as a dressing to your salads
  • Best oil to be used for baking due to its amazing tenderizing properties

Benefits of cold pressed coconut oil for hair

cold pressed coconut oil for hair

1.Helps thinning hair grow

Coconut oil goes deep into the hair follicles protecting hour hair from breakage. When coconut oil is massaged into the hair, it improves blood circulation that in turn promote the growth of hair and work as an effective hair loss treatment.

2.Conditions Frizzy Hair

Coconut oil has property to condition and moisturize hair, when applied on a regular basis, it would make your hair silky and smooth.

3.Repairs Damaged Hair

Nourishing and nutritious nature of the coconut oil, helps repair damaged hair and get them back to life.

4.Prevents Dandruff:

Coconut oil contains anti-dandruff and anti-fungal properties which help in keeping your hair flake-free

How to use coconut oil for hair?

1. Direct Massage

Apply the oil to your hair and the roots and let it rest for 20 minutes. Rinse your hair with shampoo and warm water.

2. Use with Onion Juice

Pull out juice from 1-2 onions. Warm up the cold pressed coconut oil and mix with this juice. Gently massage the oil into your hair and let your scalp absorb it for 40 minutes. Rinse your hair with shampoo and warm water.

3. Mix with other Oils

Coconut oil can be mixed with other oils like almond for deep conditioning & neem to reap more benefits

Ayurvedic uses of cold pressed coconut Oil

ayurvedic uses of cold pressed coconut oil

1. Hair Body Massage

Warm a small amount and apply the oil and gently massage it into your hair and body. Let it absorb 30-45 minutes and let the oil remove oil impurities and finally a warm shower.

2. Oil Pulling

Take a tablespoon of coconut oil into your mouth and squish for up to 20 minutes. Follow by rinsing with warm water. Do it every day to for improved mouth hygiene along with your usual everyday brushing routine.

3. Nasya Treatment

Gently massage a bit of coconut oil into your nostrils followed by pinching and releasing the nostrils breathing sharply to protect your nose and sinuses.

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